Doing the Minimum at Work? You're Quiet Quitting

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Doing the Minimum at Work? You're Quiet Quitting

The phrase "quiet quitting" has become popular on social media. It doesn't actually mean quitting your job. Instead it means doing only the work that is strictly necessary and nothing else.

Quiet quitters still get paid for their job, but they don't do any extra work, they don't do overtime, and they don't check work emails or answer work-related phone calls in their own time.

Quiet quitting is often seen as the opposite of "hustle culture" — the idea that you should always be busy, and that work is the number one priority. It seems that younger workers want a better balance between their work and their personal life.

It's not clear who invented the term "quiet quitting," but it has become a popular topic on the social media site TikTok. According to Gawker, the first TikTok video about quiet quitting may have been by a career coach named Bryan Creely in early March 2022.

In his video Creely says that by "taking it easy instead of just quitting their jobs" people are moving away from "hustle culture" where there is a constant need to "work, work, work" and he thinks this is a "really healthy and positive thing."

However, quiet quitting became a really popular topic after another TikTok user, Zaid Khan, posted a video about it in July that went viral. In it, he rejects the hustle culture idea that "work has to be your life." A caption on his video reads "Work is NOT your life."

A Gallup survey in June 2022 found that quiet quitting was a real trend and that at least 50% of US workers are quiet quitters. Jim Harter, chief scientist at Gallup, said that bad management was to blame for the attitude of these workers toward their jobs.

However, others say that only doing what you need to do at work is normal, and that only the term "quiet quitting" is new.

One TikTok user commented on Khan's video, "This is what I've been doing all my life."

Article by Engoo.com


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